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Now this is what I expected of you. Make no mistake, there are many incarnations of what Roxy's other transformations would be like but...

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Matt, the expelled student from the academy was once again doing his duty of guarding the book of fate. As he held the rank of captain, he had a small group of guards to command and they were fully at his disposal.

One day, it was the same thing as always. Standing near the big door where the prized book was being held captive. However it wasn't long until he had a surprise visit, James soon entered the place and he saw Matt.

"My prince, what brings you here?" asked Matt.

He was very confused indeed, he was sure that he had done his job well.

"Its good to see you again Matt, now for why I'm here. Matt, you are herby relieved of your duty of safeguarding the book of fate...." said James.

"R......relieved?! Surely there must be a mis....." said Matt.

"In order to join my army" finished James.

Now Matt was really surprised, was James actually asking him to join his army? Wait.......the only army that James commanded was a group of fairies. Not just any fairies, real guardian fairies.

"James, my prince...I am honored but wouldn't it be more appropriate to find someone else? Someone who has actually graduated from the academy?" asked Matt.

"Well my friend, the proof is already right in front of me. On your guard!" said James as he brought his red sword out.

Matt immediately reacted and blocked James's first strike. He was soon blocking more of James's strikes but the difference in skill between the two was quickly becoming clear and Matt was soon on the floor defeated.

After being helped up by James, Matt now had an understanding of his prince's caliber.

"You are worthy, just have some more confidence in yourself. Of course, maybe I should train you a bit more. Don't worry about your old position, I've already talked it through with the headmaster" said James as he walked away.

"My prince....." said Matt as he caught up with James.

"Please, just call me by my actual name" said James.

"Um......James.........why did you choose me?" asked Matt.

"Well there are lots of reasons but I'll narrow it down to two. One, I see a lot of myself in worked hard to be strong in order to protect those close to you....yet fate stepped in and now you're a joke to many......its something that I myself can sympathize with. I wanted to be seen for who I was yet it was the fairies that reined supreme......and I became a fosh to them. Then there's the second reason, I was lucky to be given a second make things right again and now it is fortunate that I am now in a position to offer you the same thing. To give you the chance to turn your life around, what happened back then will never be forgotten....but you're still the same guy with the same reason.....of why you joined the academy in the first place" said James.

As both James and Matt exited the royal library, James soon spoke with Matt again while handing him a piece of paper.

"Meet me at these coordinates, once there......I'll be personally training you" said James.

"Training me?" asked Matt.

"Well I have to make sure that you're good enough to stand with me since you're going to be in the presence of every guardian fairy in the magic're good....but I'm going to have to make you better. You're a great guy Matt, this is why you were chosen. Fate is cruel....but perhaps what you a helping hand" said James.

James soon left for home, leaving Matt alone with his own thoughts.

"I really don't know if whether or not...I truly worthy of your attention but I'll try to live up to your expectations" thought Matt.

City of Domino

Princesses Tine, Mistelia, Silema and seven other fairies were walking through the town in their civilian forms. They wanted to see what it was like on James and Daphne's home world since now was a great opportunity and also to understand their new friends better.

"This place is nice" said Tine.

"When I first came here, I didn't have time to explore this world" said Mistelia.

"Nothing can compare to my home world but this is still pretty nice, great architecture.....friendly residents...." said Silema.

Suddenly the girls heard yelling from a nearby bar, then from directly out of the bar came two guys and they didn't look happy.

"You had better cough up the bill! You think this is enough?!" shouted one the first guy.

"I'm looking for my wallet, I'm telling you someone must have stolen it! And I'm the customer here, what kind of treatment is this?!" shouted the second guy.

"Eat less and you'll pay less scoundrel!" shouted the first guy.

"And I'm telling you that someone stole my wallet! Its disgraceful!" shouted the second guy.

As the girls continued watching the scene before them, they knew that they couldn't leave this alone. So they decided to step in, except.....

"Hey, what's going on here?!" yelled Silema.

As the two guys turned to face the girls, they had to acknowledge that they were pretty.

"This is between me and him, this guy has to pay for the bill!" shouted the first guy.

"And I will once I find the crook that stole my wallet!" shouted the second guy.

"So back off for now, maybe later we can go on a date and then after that we'll see some hot action" said the first guy.

This made the girls cross and they were blushing. Here's the thing, normally the citizens would recognize fairies because of their fairy forms. However, since the girls were in their civilian guises....these two men thought that they were a couple of pretty faces.

Although, even if they did appear in their enchantix would probably still be the same or worse.

"This guy......wants that kind of action?!!" thought Tine with an anger symbol on the side of her head.

Soon enough she initiated her enchantix transformation and the two guys soon realized that they were in the presence of guardian fairies after hearing the word enchantix.

Just then, a figure came down from the sky and landed in between the guys and the girls. It was James and he immediately ran towards Tine. To the girl's shock, James stepped into the light that was surrounding Tine.

James could see Tine in the middle of a huge magical space....and she was completely nude and James was really red in the face. He calmed down a little when he saw her body being covered by the magic of her enchantix, although this was still quite revealing and he admittedly liked what he saw. Tine's face was so calm, her eyes were closed, the way her hair flowed freely, how she moved her arms and was so sensuous...especially when she smiled at the feeling of her magic surrounding her.

Quickly snapping out of it, James swam over to Tine and placed a hand on her petite shoulder. Tine was very surprised to see James, she was very shocked to see that James was in the middle of her transformation.

She was even more shocked when she felt her transformation unraveling itself from her body and soon enough she was back in her civilian clothing and out of the transformation field.

With that done, James then turned his attention towards the two guys. Of course as residents of Domino, they recognized their own prince and James was soon filled in on what had happened.

He then stepped on something, he looked down to find a blue wallet on the ground. Upon picking it up, the customer recognized it as his wallet. Once James returned the item, he then spoke severely to the two men.

"As prince of Domino, I will not tolerate behavior like this and as residents of Domino I expect you two to set a good example. Also you should both know that it is a capital offense to harass girls, especially when they happen to be guardian fairies. That right there can immediately grant you both either an extremely large fine or a death sentence and it won't be the police who'll do the will be them" said James as he gestured to his friends.

The two guys soon agreed with James and went back to their usual businesses. James then turned to his friends and nodded his head. Knowing what that meant, the girls all transformed into their enchantix forms. The citizens watched in awe as the beautiful fairies carried James away and most of them were jealous.

Soon James and the girls had arrived at the castle. Tine soon spoke with James privately.

"How did you do that earlier?" whispered Tine.

"If I told you the real reason, you wouldn't believe it. Also because I'm just strong, fast and skilled enough to do so. By the way, very nice I see why magic prefers knows all the good spots and its keeping them all to itself" whispered James with a smirk.

Tine blushed at what James had said, personally she was embarrassed but at the same time....she didn't mind the fact that James saw her like that. Deep down, she wanted it and so did the other girls.

Next day

Matt was at the place where James's coordinates led him to, it wasn't long until James showed up and Matt was nervous.

"Now then, this will be a simple sword training. Since you have no connection to magic, the blade will be your only companion. It is the mark of a warrior and it is my duty today to make sure that you are worthy of it. Now, ready position" said James as he brought his red blade out.

Matt did the same thing and he immediately kept his eye on James.

"We'll take it slow, one at a time. Block high.........block middle........block low, now faster. Block high...block low....block middle. Keep going" said James as he kept striking Matt with his sword.

Soon Matt's sword got thrown off his hand and James aimed his blade at Matt's throat.

"You're making this easy for me, ready position" said James.

Matt immediately got up and grabbed his sword. He waited for James to make his move.

"Now, swords like mine has power. There's energy in it, it constantly flows in and out of it. Almost like how a living being breathes in and out in order to take in air and release carbon dioxide" said James.

As James clashed his sword against Matt's, there were some sparks coming out of James's sword.

"There, can you feel it?" asked James.

When Matt nodded his head, James carried on.

"This sword is similar to yours, its heavy but its powerful. As is its strength, now.....remember the forms that were taught to you back in the academy. Ready position" said James.

Once both James and Matt were in position, James made a series of moves.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven" said James.

As Matt continued to blocked them all, he felt something different.

"My blade feels lighter now" said Matt.

"Yes...that's because you're connecting with it, its becoming a part of you. Now, we'll move on to the more difficult parts" said James.

As they continued their training session, James easily grabbed Matt's wrist and redirected his attack.

"However, you cannot solely rely on the blade. You must use all of your skills together, what you're learning now and everything else from the academy" said James.

Taking that to heart, Matt soon began implementing his legs into his fighting style.

"That's better, however....." said James.

He then did a simple leg sweep that sent Matt to the ground.

"Now you're focusing too much on your legs and that makes them a target. You must find a balance" said James.

As the training session continued, James soon called for a break and Matt was exhausted.

"What am I doing wrong?" asked Matt.

"Nothing......and perhaps that is my fault" said James.

Matt then looked at James with a question mark above his head.

"When you concentrate in battle and when you'll lose. But like I said, perhaps that is my fault. I cannot train you like the way my father taught me and how Master Hagen showed me, we are all different. And as your teacher, it is my duty to find different methods of training you. I see now...that you are adept at using your legs in conjunction with your sword. Perhaps we can work on that first, if you'll let me" said James.

".......As you say, my master" said Matt respectfully as he bowed.

James did the same thing and soon both master and student dueled once again.

5 days later/Castle

Within the castle, all of the guardian fairies were waiting for James as he had said that there was someone he wanted them to meet. Soon they saw him walking with someone else, once they got close enough...the girls could see another boy and the presumed he was a warrior just like James.

Once there, Matt could see just how many guardian fairies were there to meet him. Just like Tefal, this was Matt's first time seeing guardian fairies in person and their beauty alone has certainly caught his attention. The hair, the outfits and especially the wings.

"Go on......they're waiting" said James gently.

Slowly nodding, Matt walked carefully towards the first fairy in front of him. Once he was in front of her, he closed his eyes in order to calm himself down. Upon opening them again, he slowly extended his hand towards her.

The fairy soon took hold of it and Matt could feel the softness of her glove and it was comforting. The fairy then looked into Matt's eyes, she saw the eyes of someone who was afraid.....but at the same time...she saw the same determination that was present in James's eyes as well.

Soon...the fairy had a smile on her face and she soon nodded at her fellow fairies. Almost immediately, all of the fairies were smiling as well and they soon got to know more about Matt.

"It won't be an easy journey Matt, if you come with will be tested lots of times and some...may even cost you your life" said James.

"Well..........I've come this far didn't I? But.....will the people listen? Will they still believe in me? Most of them will know who I am and they'll know my history and rank" said Matt.

"Yes......they will......I don't know what the future holds, where this life will take you or what kinds of troubles you went through in the academy. Nor do I know what kinds of enemies you'll make as we journey forward together...but I want you to know, that no matter what you choose......your real family and this new family.....will stand by you. No matter what you have come a long way in such a short period of time. This your own" said James.

As everyone gathered around, for the first time ever....besides his parents........Matt felt like he was at home........and where he belonged.

End of chapter and we have a question. "Are fairies really that significant?"

Answer: In many ways, the answer is yes. If you were to ask someone what kind of protection would be the best, they will tell you that a guardian fairy is all they'll ever need. Once fairies become guardians, they are bound to fight evil and protect the magic dimension from all kinds of it something petty or something significant and they are more recognizable than the witches due to their reputation.

Also because fairies command magic, they are also in many ways superior to a specialist. Which is why it also grants the fairies some command over the young heroes in training. If you were to go back to season 2 episode 8, you'll see how it played out...such as Tecna guiding the specialists into position and Bloom giving the command to fire the wires at the Manticore. In that same episode, you'll also see some hints of the winx back in their younger they viewed specialists and especially Helia since back then he was unwilling to fight except to protect Flora.

Here are the winners, congratulations to the winners!! Don't worry, there will be more attempts to win in the future. Until then, see you next time :)
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After James returned from his trip, he felt privileged to have been the creator of the enchantix transformation. Of the creator, he has the ability to give or even take that transformation away from any fairy no matter how strong she is. He hopes that he would never have to do the mentioned latter, enchantix is earned for a reason and he wants it to stay that way forever.

The world was changing fast, the views and the opinions of people. In the fog of war, it's hard to see beyond the next leg of the mission.....or the next punch in a fight. But when the fog finally lifted....there wasn't much left for anyone to save.

"Hey Daphne, do you ever wonder if we'll ever see real peace.....between the other races?" asked James.

As James and Daphne stood on the balcony, they could see the entire city on their home planet.

"I don't know James, I really don't. But you are making progress with your place among the fairies" said Daphne.

"Only because it took a cataclysm to finally make them open their hearts and minds. If I had continued to do as I was told, without anything out of the ordinary....they would not have listened to me at all" said James.

James wanted to say that it wasn't true but he knew first hand, what it was like back then. So he couldn't bring up anything to say to defend the fairies and those like them.

"This world is full of light" said Daphne.

"And it is why some have decided to seize the opportunity, to return the universe to one of eternal night" said James.

Soon both James and Daphne could see something in the distance, a lone fairy was flying towards them and she was soon at their faces. It was princess Tine, one of the leaders of the group James had created.

"Tine? Why are you here in such a hurry?" asked James.

"Its the academy......" said Tine as she panted.


The academy is the number one place to go if one is to be ready for the war, while it shared similarities to red fountain...the academy is notorious for producing many esteemed high generals. A title that even a specialist studying at red fountain could never hope to achieve as they were taught to be heroes, not soldiers.

Now this was where many argued that the academy and red fountain should unite because in the end, every student that finishes his or her courses will become heroes in their own right. However the schools decided to remain separate and stick to their own methods of teaching.

Behind the walls of this important building were thousands of students, hoping to one day make a name for themselves. Right now, there was a commotion going on. A lone mysterious attacker was doing a lot of damage to the school and the students couldn't stop the intruder.

The only one left standing was a student named Tefal, a former friend of Matt's.

"This school will not fall to the likes of you!" shouted Tefal as he held his weapons firmly in his hands.

As the mysterious attacker came out of the dust that got kicked up, you could see that the attacker was clearly a female. The only thing you couldn't see was her face as she was wearing a mask.

Just before Tefal could make his move, he was suddenly struck down and pinned to the ground.

"I know all of your moves Tefal, pure academy textbook" said the figure.

"Do I know you?" asked Tefal.

"I know how you most likely blamed the incident on Matt when it was clearly your fault" said the figure.

Soon she screamed loudly as she got struck by a blast to her left side. Looking up, she could see an entire army of fairies glaring at her. In the middle of them on the ground was a boy who was the same height as those girls.

"Hi, you may know me as the beast slayer. The first warrior to get approved by guardian fairies? No? Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter does it?" asked James as he gestured to the carnage around him.

"You must be out of your mind, coming at me with an army behind you" said the figure.

"Yes I am out of my mind and its not a recent thing either" said James.

Smirking behind her mask, the figure soon ran and jumped above the walls. Once she was gone, James helped Tefal to his feet.

"I know you, you're prince James. I'm Tefal" said Tefal as he got up.

"Ah so you are him" said James as he walked past Tefal.

"You know me as well?" asked Tefal.

"What can I say? I know people, also because a certain someone told me about you. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to speak with the headmaster. If you want to help me then obey my every order and don't question them. You can start by helping them with the healing process" said James as he soon entered the building.

Tefal was left speechless at James's words, he soon turned to see the fairies using their magic and fairy dust to help the injured. To say that he was speechless was an understatement, there were just so many beautiful girls right in front of him. How was he supposed to react?

He had read stories about them but this was Tefal's first time seeing a guardian fairy in person, their enchantix forms just shone with an aura that states they're beautiful, powerful and in charge....very similar to the deities or goddesses. And so he did the only thing he could do, he began helping them with the injured.

Of course, he flirted with some of them but they didn't seem interested in him which left him heartbroken.

Meanwhile, James had just entered the headmaster's office and he was soon having a conversation with him.

"This just happened so suddenly, we had no time to react at all" said the headmaster.

"This just goes to show you that the world still has its dangers, when one passes.....the other rises up" said James.

"As headmaster of this academy, I must express my thanks to you and your fairy friends. Although, why are so many of you here?" asked the headmaster.

"We didn't receive a proper report of what was going on and since most of the incidents involve an army of monsters....." said James.

"Hmm I see, yes nowadays its usually in the form of monsters and not a single individual. Still, I thank you all for taking the time to come here and lend us your assistance" said the headmaster.

"Excuse me for changing the topic sir but I've encountered one of your former students, you may know him as Matt" said James.

".......So he's told you all about it?" asked the headmaster.

"Only that he is where he is today because of what happened to cadet Seltia and that it was all Tefal's fault" said James.

"Still, what's happened is done. Seltia was once a brilliant student of mine, she was what you would call a prodigy. Same thing with Matt and Tefal. Those three quickly became popular here in this school, they were on their way to becoming great leaders and a trio of the best graduates here. Of course, as you've heard....things were not meant to be" said the headmaster sadly.

"But you gave Matt a chance" said James.

"I always knew he was special, there was something about Matt that separated him from the others. Due to my order, he couldn't join the military force......but I had hope....that maybe the student I kept a close eye on may still have the spark of greatness. And so I was able to pull some strings, to the best of what I could do....and gave him the rank of captain as well as the important duty of guarding the book of fate" said the headmaster.

"Well headmaster, that's also why I wanted to speak with you but I didn't have the time. I would like to request......" said James.


Meanwhile outside, everyone who was injured was soon healed up and ready to go. The students were in awe of the many fairies who had graced them with their presence. Soon all of the fairies smiled when they saw James walking out of the building with the headmaster behind him.

"If that is what you request, I'll try and make it happen" said the headmaster.

"Thank you, I think I better take my leave before the students get caught up with my fairy friends" said James.

Smiling, the headmaster watched as James gathered the fairies near him.

"Alright everyone, lets pack up and leave. We're done here" said James as he gave some of them a pat on the back.

To the surprise of everyone and especially Tefal, the fairies obeyed his order without question. They actually listened to him? The rumors were true.

"Oh yes before I go, you!" said James as he pointed at Tefal.

"M...em....I mean me?!" said Tefal.

"Just so you know, the moment I made contact with my friends behind me...I used a spell that allows me to read their minds. They don't mind, in fact they wanted it to happen because they had something to share with me. Now if I'm reading this right, you are pretty open when the subject is about girls right? Well what happens if a girl was to touch you?" asked James.

As Tefal twitched, James continued on.

"Then, if they were to move their bodies up close to you hmm.......what would happen?" asked James.

By this point, Tefal was sweating a waterfall.

"OK then I'll cut you a deal. We're going to play a game called......guess what I'm thinking. If I win, you'll apologize to a certain someone I'm thinking of right now. If you win, I'll let you have....the panties and bras of my friends behind me" said James.

Upon hearing that, the other male students quickly became jealous and they were soon having wild fantasies about the fairies. However the fairies weren't nervous at all although they did have slight blushes on their faces, they were actually confident as if.....James was going to win.

"What, not good enough Tefal? Oh.....or could it be that you want...m....mine?" asked James innocently.

Upon hearing that, a student wearing glasses.....suddenly had his glasses fogged up and there was a crack on it.

"Ok that settles it, you want mine. On my mark......" said James.

"Wait, wait a second! I never agreed to playing......" said Tefal as he blushed.

"Go! Now here's my question, what's my height....skilled with weapons.....and goes dop it, dop it" said James.

"Your height, skilled with weapons and goes dop it...dop it? There's nothing that....." said Tefal.

Suddenly James was right in front of Tefal and he was shocked.

"Nothing eh?" asked James.

Then without warning, James inserted two fingers into Tefal's nose. Tefal was soon saying....

"Dop it, dop it!!" said Tefal.

"See, you're my're skilled with weapons and you're going dop it, dop it. I'm blocking your nose so you can't say stop it correctly, that makes me the winner. Now don't forget our deal, the one you have to apologize Matt" said James.

As soon as James pulled his fingers out of his nose, he soon teleported himself and the fairies back to Domino. Tefal was left speechless at the whole ordeal and the female students soon labeled Tefal as a big pervert. Tefal was left wondering how James knew Matt.

"You're crazy!" said Tefal.

"And you just realized that?" said James in his head.

Tefal was now spooked, he was going to have nightmares during his nap time.


In the courtyard, James and the fairies were having a little picnic. They were next to the fountain and the weather was just right.

"You all were sure confident, did you know I was going to win?" asked James.

"No, but we had a feeling that you would. And you've never let us down" said Tine as she smiled at him.

Soon all of the girls tackled him and James was soon underneath a pile of fairies......with his sister Daphne at the top of the pile.

End of chapter

What bird is this?
Can someone identify this bird for me? It even has feathers on its feet. Its really pretty though.


Came here from wattpad, I am noblefan or lost pause fan from wattpad. Writer of winx club: Three dragons/the lost child, extremely popular to the point that I can't keep track. Always getting something related to it and it makes me happy. Currently over ten thousand people have seen it and I had not expected that :)


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